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Scene-Based Story Planning and Writing Software for Plotters and Pantsers alike

The Novel Goggles web app offers a comprehensive set of story planning and novel writing tools to help you write your novel, series or short stories. Whether you're starting from scratch or struggling with an existing story, use Novel Goggles to shape your writing into a cohesive manuscript with dynamic characters, engaging pace and tension, and well-timed inflection points and climaxes.


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Subscription Options

Free Trial


for a limited amount of time

  • No payment details required
  • Feature Parity with the Hobbyist Tier
  • 7 Days of free use
  • Only days that you log in are counted

Novel Goggles Hobbyist

US $4 US $3 (excl. taxes)

per month

Beta Period Promotion
  • up to 2 Projects and 6 Manuscripts
  • up to 3 Manuscript Snapshots (rolling window)
  • up to 3 Scene Prose Snapshots (rolling window)
  • up to 25 Characters and Character Images
  • up to 25 Locations and Location Images
  • up to 6 World Maps
  • up to 10 Fictional Calendars

Novel Goggles Pioneer

US $5 US $3 (excl. taxes)

per month

Beta Period Promotion
  • Feature Parity with the Professional Tier
  • Join the Novel Goggles Pioneer Program
  • Early Access to New Features

Limited Subscriptions Available

Novel Goggles Professional

US $7 (excl. taxes)

per month

  • up to 20 Projects and 100 Manuscripts
  • up to 30 Manuscript Snapshots (rolling window)
  • up to 30 Scene Prose Snapshots (rolling window)
  • up to 250 Characters and Character Images
  • up to 250 Locations and Location Images
  • up to 60 World Maps
  • up to 100 Fictional Calendars

Coming 2024

You can subscribe to paid tiers within the application

Novel Goggles 1.1.20_beta is in Beta

Novel Goggles 1.1.20_beta is currently in beta testing. What does this mean? This version of Novel Goggles is an early release that we feel is almost ready for wider adoption. While we try to test everything before a release, a more diverse user base will inevitably bring to light undiscovered issues. Some of the issues that may come to light are:

  • Problems with Novel Goggles features being used in ways that we did not foresee.
  • Problems with Novel Goggles views, styles and usability.
  • Problems on specific browsers or devices.
  • Problems with certain internet connection parameters such as bandwidth and latency.
  • Problems with maintaining an acceptable user experience as the Novel Goggles user base grows.

Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that you only use a Novel Goggles Beta version if you accept that there may be occasional interruptions in service or feature stability and usability issues. To ensure that beta users get acceptable value from using Novel Goggles and to limit the support burden on the Novel Goggles staff (and therefore ensure timeous feedback to support queries), we will take the following steps during the beta testing period:

  • We will be limiting paid subscriptions to the Hobbyist & Pioneer Subscription Tiers during the initial beta. The Pioneer Subscription Tier has a limited number of available seats.
  • To thank the Pioneers who are willing to help us with these beta testing periods, Pioneer Subscribers get the features of Professional Subscribers but at a discounted price. These benefits persist even during non-beta periods. Early access to future releases that enter beta testing will also become available to Pioneer Subscribers from time to time.
  • We may disable new sign-ups from time to time if we feel that we need to improve the scaling of Novel Goggles to accomodate larger audiences without impacting the user experience of all Novel Goggles users.

For all users, even those who are just exploring the Free Trial to see what Novel Goggles is about:

  • We appreciate any feedback that you can provide. We want Novel Goggles to grow and improve and user feedback is invaluable.
  • You can report bugs and request features - Click the Cog icon at the top right of the screen, then click either the Suggest A Feature or Report a Bug button.
  • You can also send us an e-mail. Find our contact details here: Support
  • If you are interested in using Novel Goggles but are not comfortable committing while Novel Goggles is in Beta, please sign up to the Mailing list on the Novel Goggles Home Page and we'll let you know when the Novel Goggles Beta period is over.

Novel Goggles Pioneer Program


  • Access to all Professional Subscription Tier functionality at a discounted price
  • The same account limitations as the Professional Subscription Tier
  • Early Access to new features and versions


  • New features and versions may be more prone to bugs and instability, potentially negatively impacting the user experience from time to time
  • Not always available to new subscribers: Limited seats

The Novel Goggles Pioneer Program is an early-access program that provides a limited number of Pioneer Subscription seats to interested users. The Novel Goggles Pioneer program will provide Pioneer subscribers with all of the features of the Professional subscription tier at a discounted price with the added bonus of allowing the user early access to new application features and new Novel Goggles web application versions. In exchange for these features at the discounted price, the user will be required to accept that from time-to-time they may be served newer versions of the Novel Goggles web application and features of the software that are not as well tested and that may be less stable and more prone to outages.

A user that signs up for the Pioneer subscription tier will maintain the above benefits while their subscription remains active. If at any time their subscription becomes inactive (due to cancellation or non-payment), the user will have to re-subscribe to the Novel Goggles SaaS and will only be able to join the Pioneer program if the currently active number of Pioneer subscribers falls under the limit, otherwise they will have to re-subscribe in one of the other subscription tiers (Hobbyist or Professional)

The number of available Pioneer subscription seats will determine if the Pioneer Subscription option is available. If the current number of active Pioneer subscribers is equal to or higher than the limit set by Novel Goggles, no new Pioneer subscriptions will be available until either the limit is increased or users leave the Pioneer subscription program by cancelling their Pioneer subscription, failing to pay for their Pioneer subscription or changing their subscription tier.

The number of Pioneer subscriptions available might be changed to increase it or decrease it at any time. If the limit is decreased and the number of active Pioneer subscribers is higher than the new limit, Pioneer subscribers will continue to be a part of the Pioneer program until their subscription becomes inactive, i.e., users will not be removed from the program even though there are technically more users than the limit allows. The limit will just prevent new Pioneer subscriptions.

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