September 2021

  1. Introduction

    These are the "Terms" that regulate your general use of (the "Website"), and our relationship with you. These Terms create a legally binding contract between us, Exceptional Invention Proprietary Limited ("Exceptional Invention" or "us"), and you, as soon as they apply. These Terms will apply if you access or use our Website as a browser of the Website. If you become a customer of Exceptional Invention, our relationship with you as a customer will be governed by the "Commercial Terms" on our Website.

    Don't use our Website if you don't absolutely agree to these Terms, as you can only use our Website on these Terms.

  2. The essential point of these terms

    Your use of the Website is at your sole discretion and we have no obligations arising from your general use of the Website and we will not be liable at all for any liability, damage or loss resulting from your use or inability to use our Website. You should not act in a way that relies on any information found on our Website as all information is provided for general information purposes only and does not amount to legal or other professional advice.

  3. Other applicable terms

    Your general use of the Website is also subject to our "Privacy Policy" (privacy). Additional terms may also apply for specific products or services available through our Website ("the Additional Terms"), including the Commercial Terms. If there is a conflict between these Terms and the Additional Terms, the Additional Terms will apply in so far as the Additional Terms are applicable to you.

  4. Changes to our Website and/or these terms

    We have the right to suspend, change or add to our Website, and to change or add to these Terms, at our discretion, and such changes will apply as soon as they are made. We may notify you about any changes to these Terms, but it is your responsibility to review these Terms each time you use the Website to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

  5. Use of our Website

    You may not:

    1. distribute any content from our Website without our prior consent;
    2. use any technology, including but not limited to crawlers and spiders, to search our Website or obtain information from our Website;
    3. frame our Website or any pages of our Website;
    4. link to our Website in a manner other than through the homepage; or
    5. deep-link to any other pages on our Website in a way that would suggest that you own the intellectual property that belongs to us.
  6. Intellectual property

    All content and material on the Website are owned by Exceptional Invention ("Intellectual Property"), and all right, title and interest to and in any such Intellectual Property is proprietary to Exceptional Invention, unless otherwise noted. You are not authorised to copy, reproduce, or use any content without our prior written consent.

    You will not acquire any rights of any nature in respect of that Intellectual Property by using our Website or services.

  7. Cookies

    When you use our Website, we may collect and process cookies. Exceptional Invention will only collect and process cookies in terms of the Privacy Policy.

  8. Limited liability

    Exceptional Invention is not responsible or liable for any harm, loss or damage suffered as a result of or relating to the Website, any personal information of any browser, or any information that is transmitted through the Website. Exceptional Invention accepts no responsibility or liability for any harm, loss or damage that you may suffer due to any reliance on the content of the Website.

    We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the integrity of the Website and its contents. However, we do not warrant that any files, software, downloads or other material available from the Website are free of viruses or other similar software.

  9. Law and disputes

    These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in terms of South African laws. You consent that the Magistrates' Court will have jurisdiction even if the proceedings are otherwise beyond its jurisdiction.

  10. Waiver

    Any failure by Exceptional Invention to enforce or require strict performance of these Terms does not amount to a waiver of or affect the validity of these Terms.

  11. Getting in touch

    Please email us at for any enquiries about our Website.

  12. Legal disclosure

    1. Legal status: this Website is run by Exceptional Invention Proprietary Limited, company registration number 2021/310556/07, a private company, duly incorporated in terms of the applicable laws of South Africa.
    2. Director: L Basson.
    3. Description of main business of Exceptional Invention: Exceptional Invention seeks to establish itself as a reliable and innovative provider of online services. Going forward, a suite of online applications and services will be developed in order to augment the abilities of its users in the various creative, technological and business fields within which services are provided..
    4. Email address:
    5. Website address:
    6. Physical address: 3 Woolf Street, Bellville, Kenridge, South Africa, 7550.