Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Browsers are supported by Novel Goggles?

    Novel Goggles has been tested on Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers may work. If you experience strange behaviour or sluggish application response, try switching to Edge or Chrome.

  • What can I do if Novel Goggles seems sluggish?

    If the round-trip latency values displayed at the top right of the Novel Goggles window are greater than 500-1000ms, Novel Goggles may seem sluggish. Ensure that you have a stable broadband internet connection. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, try connecting using an ethernet cable.

  • Does Novel Goggles work off-line?

    Unfortunately, Novel Goggles does not yet support an off-line mode. This feature is planned for a future release.

  • Does Novel Goggles work on mobile devices?

    Novel Goggles has not yet been optimised for use on mobile devices. It is recommended that you use Novel Goggles on a computer with a screen resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 until mobile optimisation has been completed.

  • I have a Full-HD display but Novel Goggles doesn't seem to display correctly in the browser.

    This could be caused by a browser zoom level setting or a display scaling setting in your operating system settings. Try changing the browser zoom or operating system scaling settings to see if this resolves the problem. In future, Novel Goggles will be updated to handle these scenarios correctly.

  • Can I import my work from other apps or services?

    Not at this time but importing functionality is planned for a future release. Although time-consuming, existing manuscripts can be copy-pasted into your Novel Goggles Manuscripts. We recommend doing this scene-by-scene once you have created your Novel Structure.

  • Who owns the copyright to the content that I upload?

    Novel Goggles makes no claim to any copyright of user-uploaded content. If you generate content and upload it, the copyright remains yours. Note: It is against the terms of service to upload content that you do not own the copyright to.

  • Is my content backed up on Novel Goggles?

    The databases containing your submitted content are backed up once every 24 hours. Each daily backup is stored for 8 days. While we do aim to keep your data safe, these backups are insurance in the event that something goes wrong on our end.

  • Can I create my own backups of the content I have uploaded?

    Yes. Novel Goggles provides export functionality for all user-uploaded content, except for images. Backups are exported in .ngog files, which are simply JSON formatted files with the extension renamed. By default, Novel Goggles will remind you to download a backup of your data once a week.

  • What happens to my work if my subscription ends?

    Your work will remain accessible in a read-only format for at least 3 months after your subscription has expired or been cancelled. After this, your content will be deleted. The Novel Goggles team will remind you via e-mail to export your data before deletion occurs. If you resume your subscription before three months have elapsed, your data will still be accessible to you.

  • While using Novel Goggles, the web browser intermittently shows an error page that says the page stopped working due to a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. What do I do?

    If this keeps happening after you've refreshed the browser, check if there are any browser updates pending and update the browser if there are. This could also occur due to memory limitations so closing other applications or tabs that are using a lot of memory may help.

  • I've enabled translation in my web browser but the contents of my manuscripts do not translate. Why not?

    Translation of the manuscript contents has been disabled as there is an issue where browser translation features may delete your manuscript text.

Updates and Features Planned For Future Releases

The Novel Goggles Team has the following in store for the future of Novel Goggles. You can suggest additional features from within the Novel Goggles App, in the Settings Menu.

  • Scene content history

    Snapshots of the manuscript content for each scene are already created and stored. We will provide tools to make these snapshots available, similarly to the Manuscript Snapshots already available.

  • Performance Optimisations for Seemless context switching and reduced data usage

    The Novel Goggles Team are continuously working to improve the user experience. One of our focuses during the beta period and initial wider public release will be on page rendering and data synchronisation performance, aiming to minimise distracting loading screens and waiting times.

  • Mobile Device Optimisation & general responsiveness

    Novel Goggles has been developed with a focus on providing abundant contextual data for each Scene, Character and Location. While some functionality is usable on smaller devices such as phones and tablets, full feature access will require additional improvements and updates to content layout and responsiveness.

  • Backup Importing

    The data backups that you export from Novel Goggles cannot currently be re-imported into Novel Goggles. This functionality will be added in a future release of Novel Goggles.

  • Spell-checking and Dictionary Tools

    While your browser probably already does spell-checking and suggestions for you, we plan on integrating some tools to give you more control over how and when suggestions are made.

  • Offline Mode

    While your uploaded content is already stored in local browser storage as well as being synchronised with our remote servers, full offline functionality will allow you to edit local content and synchronise with the remote servers when you have access to the internet again.

  • Manuscript Exporting & Publishing Functionality

    Currently, Novel Goggles only provides printing functionality for your Manuscript, with fixed formatting rules. While this does allow you to use Print-to-PDF functionality to export your manuscript to PDF, we do plan on adding additional formatting and exporting options to support e-book creation and preparation for publishing your manuscripts.

  • Project Planning

    We plan to add some project planning functionality to Novel Goggles, where you will be able to set targets and deadlines, and monitor your progress as you work on your various creative ideas.

  • Data Import from other formats

    We plan on adding tools to assist with importing your existing data from other formats. Let us know what you would like us to support using the Suggest A Feature button in the Novel Goggles App.

  • Collaboration with other users

    We envision Novel Goggles providing a place where you can ask other users to help you beta-read or edit your manuscripts. The Scene-Specific Notes sections for Scenes, Characters and Locations will provide space for their feedback and the Pace, Tension and Climax progression tools already available will become even more useful with input from other users.