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Author: Lionel Basson

14 June 2024 08:00

An uncomfortable silence

A shift-rotation mining team arrives on the asteroid Psyche, near the mining vessel Daphne. The Daphne crew had been actively mining Psyche for 8 Months before communication with the crew ceased. Telemetry is still being received but the crew do not respond to or initiate communications. The shift-rotation crew was already en-route when communications ceased. Discovering what happened to the crew is now the primary task of their mission with restarting mining operations a secondary task, until the mystery has been solved.

Sci-fi, Mystery, Horror The asteroid mining vessel Daphne on the desolate surface of the asteroid Psyche.


3rd Person Limited
The asteroid mining vessel Daphne on the desolate surface of the metal-rich asteroid Psyche.
Thu Jun 3 2136

Psyche is a desolate metal-rich asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Daphne is a Burrower class mining vessel that has attached itself to the asteroid surface. Mining operations are concentrated in the terrain beneath the vessel, where various shafts and tunnels have already been excavated. Mining operations are largely carried out using autonomous and remotely operated heavy machinery inside the mining tunnels, while ore is partially processed onboard the ship before being transferred to an unmanned transporter vessel. According to telemetry, Daphne remains functional although systems have been slowly failing since communication with the crew ceased.

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