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Author: Lionel Basson

21 June 2024 08:00

One photo, one thousand lies

Throwing off her backpack she dived to the ground and squeezed through the gap in the fence. The sharp rusty ends of the wire gouged deep cuts into her back. She didn't even register the pain or the warm, wet feeling spreading down her back. Scrambling to her feet, she set off again. The fence would give her the precious extra seconds she needed to get away: They were faster but she was fit. She heard a frustrated shout behind her as she forced herself to settle from a frantic dash into a measured run. Her eyes scanned the ground ahead and she adjusted each stride, her footfall missing a root here, stepping with her toes on a rock there.

Action-Adventure, Crime, Mystery A small group of people gather near a few cabins in the woods on a mountain and wait for a helicopter visible in the distance.


3rd Person Limited
A mountainous, forested area.

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